Quicktricks Bridge Club

100 Diamond St

San Francisco, CA 94114

Contact via email: kim4bridge@gmail.com

Website: https://quicktricks.org

Kimberly Fanady

QuickTricks Bridge Club is located at 100 Diamond Street, between 18th and 19th Streets, in the Most Holy Redeemer Church, in the Castro / Eureka Valley neighborhood of San Francisco, California. The Club has been operating for almost 40 years, and has always been a member-owned club staffed by volunteers. QuickTricks was founded in 1978 to provide games primarily for the City's gay community. The first location was at a Gay Pride Center near City Hall. In the 1980s the Club was popular with people with AIDS who wanted both society and an opportunity to keep their minds sharp. During this time, the Club unfortunately lost many of its members, including its founder (1993). The Club has always welcomed all comers, and over the last decade has grown to a large and varied membership. QuickTricks management and players come from the community at large. All are welcome; we require only an interest in bridge and a friendly and cordial attitude toward your fellow players. We invite everyone to visit us!

Schedule for club # 235408

Day Time Frequency Months MP Limit Notes Site Address
Mon 6:45 PM Weekly All months 299 Stratified 100 Diamond St, San Francisco, CA Map
Mon 6:45 PM Weekly All months Stratified 100 Diamond St, San Francisco, CA Map
Mon 6:30 PM Weekly All months except January,November,December 20 Not Stratified 100 Diamond St, San Francisco, CA Map

Special Events for club # 235408

Day Event Date Event Name
Monday (Evening) 2019-12-16 Open Pairs